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Our charming hotel in the Périgord Noir, very close to Sarlat, Périgueux and Brive-la-Gaillarde, is an invitation to relax, rest and explore. Whether you are traveling with family, friends, as a couple or between work colleagues, we will put all our energy to the service of the smooth running of your stay in Dordogne.

Who writes this Journal? Who is this loafer?
Le Journal du Flâneur

Who is this loafer?
Who writes this Journal?

Is it a man, a woman, a regular customer or your friend? Is it the extract of a letter found or an indiscreet reading of a diary? Who knows?

While browsing the "Journal du Flâneur", you will discover the innovations of the house, you will share the impressions of a privileged moment lived at the manor or will meet actors of the region.

You will immerse yourself in this green setting and find a dedicated team, a passionate family and loyal hosts whose one thing in common unites them: an unconditional attachment to this house, this unique, magical and bucolic place that is the Manor d'Hautegente.

June 2020 Le Journal du Flâneur # 1

I have fun imagining my stay in this Périgord that I already know and that I love so much. It never ceases to amaze and surprise me ... Le Manoir d'Hautegente too ...

Le Journal du Flâneur # 1

July 2020 Le Journal du Flâneur # 2

.... I first wondered what it was..Are my eyes playing tricks on me? A table?! in water?! Right in the middle of the river !!! I hesitated, I doubted, then I dared ...

Le Journal du Flâneur # 2

August 2020 Le Journal du Flâneur # 3

"Nostalgia slowly invades me as I approach departure. I think back to the origin of the word" Manor ", which comes from Latin:" Manere "- to stay longer, to live ...

Le Journal du Flâneur # 3

October 2020 Le Journal du Flâneur # 4

Some heatwave afternoons, I took refuge there and it kept me cool. In these rainy autumn days, it warms my soul. This magnificent living room, an old forge from the 13th century, and its majestic fireplace are one of my favorite places at the Manoir.

Le Journal du Flâneur # 4

November / December 2020 Le Journal du Flâneur # 5

When I was told that the Manor had been in the Hamelin family for 427 years, I turned pale ... How is that possible? And how did this house become a hotel? In fact, it is in large part thanks to Jean Mallet, a friend and former mayor of the village of Coly.

Le Journal du Flâneur # 5

May 2021 Le Journal du Flâneur # 7

The health crisis will have allowed the Hamelin family to meet again, to share precious moments, to take advantage of the "moment", to enjoy family meals in unusual places, to think about different projects, and to do some work.

Le Journal du Flâneur # 7

October 2021 Le Journal du Flâneur # 8

I returned to the Manor the day after a wedding. The places were even more flowery than usual, A TRUE WONDER !! (...)

Le Journal du Flâneur # 8

January 2022 The Diary of the Flâneur #9

I had never seen this place before in winter and what a marvel: The reflection of the sun on the frozen levee, the goldsmithery of the frost on the foliage of the walls, the vapor of the Coly rising towards the sky . The silence, the calm, the tranquility, the cold (...)

The Diary of the Flâneur #8